Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I woke up this morning feeling as if I was 7 again...excited about the day that I got to dress up and pretend for a whole day and the adult world encouraged it! I remember not knowing Halloween had evil roots. I just loved the day. Even as a girl, I loved to imagine and dream and pretend. I remember each Halloween my Mom would put on a huge pot of chili for all our friends to come over and in the early years, they would get Wild Horse Mountain BBQ which was a hometown favorite. My Nannie and Grumpies would come and my Grumpies would dress up as the Great Pumpkin and serve candy to the thousands of children who knocked on our door.
As I mentioned in a previous post, my family had precious friends. Still does. These whole families who meshed into ours and lived beside one another. We learned to ride bikes together, learned about Jesus, laughed and cried. We celebrated holidays together and took pictures on first days of school.
Halloween was no exception. We lived in a neighborhood that was perhaps the busiest in town on Halloween. I was not exaggerating when I said thousands of children would come to our door. So by 5:00, it would be impossible to get in and out of our neighborhood. My Dad would come home early, our friends would arrive and eat and then we would all set out together trick or treating in the dark. We would race from house to house laughing and screaming about the candy!
Now that I am on the other side, I know our parents loved it as much as we did. They got to spend time with each other and watch their children delight in pretending! I also now see the sacrifice my Nannie and Grumpies made by driving 2.5 hours, even on the days Halloween fell on a week night and spent making it special for us.
So tonight, I will watch my little bumblebee explore the world of her imagination and hold my Mom's hand, who came to be here and perhaps fire up a pot of chili. We will meet our friends and set out with our children. I just love tradition. Don't you?


shawnda said...

It is so sweet that you remember the traditions and are starting them with AK. I just said that next year Halloween is going to be different, I was so frustrated this year and want to get back to the basics and old school trick or treating houses we know. I love the chili idea. Hope your doing well. I miss you friend

Laura said...

Steph I LOVE traditions too! I loved most of all reading about all of the memories that you hold dear to your heart. Thanks for reminding me to continue these traditions on for my children.