Thursday, January 22, 2009


I seriously think I go into seasonal depression.  I hate winter and cold weather.  I just HATE being cold.  I have felt colder this winter than ever.  I feel like even my bones are cold.  Perhaps it is because I am trying to avoid my electric blanket, long, hot baths and my car seat heater due to pregnancy (all of which are luxuries that seems to make winter less painful for me).  We have been trapped inside due to this weeny Momma hating to go out in the cold, even bundled up. Today is such a sweet blessing in the midst of freezing cold temperatures.  It is a beautiful 68 degrees here and Abby Kate and I have spent much time outside already!  My windows are open and I am savoring the outside air coursing through my house!
So I was thinking today, what are ways you make winter less painful?  Here are a few things that have made my life a little easier (and sweeter :)) and I would L-O-V-E to hear yours!
*The Cocoa-Latte (a machine that mixes your hot chocolate for you and then keeps it at the perfect temperature for hours by remixing and heating to perfection!)
*I mentioned this back in a previous favorite things post but I love the Simply Shabby Chic Cozy blanket, pair it with the Makeover Mattress Pad I bought from JcPenneys with some of my Christmas money (it has about a 2-3 in. down alternative pad on top!) and a yummy pair of flannel sheets!
*Chips (my favorite snack!)
* Magazines (my favs are Country Home, Country Living, Cottage Living, Southern Living, People and US Weekly)
And as for activities with Abby Kate, which these are what I would REALLY love to hear from you!
*Playing with bubbles in the bathroom sink (for HOURS!)
*Playing tea party (for HOURS!)
*Playing in playroom/bedroom
*Dressing up
Thanks friends!  Hope it is beautiful where you are today!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Clean Heart...

Hello for the first time in the New Year.  What a fun year it has already been.  I posted a million pictures of our Disney World trip on Abby Kate's blog so if you want to see/hear about it, mosey on over there.
I have contemplated this new year more than I have ever in the past.  I always have scoffed somewhat at resolutions.  They always seem trite and silly to me...knowing I rarely have the self-control to stick with them.  But there is something about this new year...starting fresh.  Ripe with hope and unbridled joy.  Unexpected blessings and pain awaiting us I am sure, but I cannot wait to live it.  
I have been studying the Psalms in the new year.  One thing I am praying for this year is a heart of worship.  A heart that is pure, full of fear and awe of my God, a heart that is clean.  I love the Psalms and what I am learning about Him through the praises of these famous poets.  The words have been hitting me with such intensity.  I find myself digging in my dictionary to get a better grasp on the words already written.  Just like today.  I was studying Psalm 3.  Verse 3 said, "You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head."  I started to think through what word pictures all three of these images painted for me of my God.  As a shield, He has always gone before me, extinguishing the arrows of the enemy and letting those arrows through that He intends for my good.  My Glory.  This is where I sought the dictionary.  Splendor, majesty, magnificence.  What a beautiful reminder that all that is good within me is because of Him alone.  This is also where I want to resonate this year.  Basking, meditating upon, studying... His splendor, His majesty, His magnificence.  I want His Words to become like water and food.  That I feast upon it all day long, and long for it before all else.  And the beautiful image, the lifter of my head.  That tender action in moments of defeat, brokenness, despair.  He alone lifts the broken and brings beauty from ashes.  I am living it.  I love the Jeremy Camp song I have playing on the playlist right now.  The words are so indicative of my heart.  So listen if you have time.  Or read the words below.  Sweet, sweet Words.  Even sweeter God.  

All this time I've wandered around searching for the things I'll never know 
I've been searching for this answer that only will be found in your love 
And I feel it 
My heart is being mended by your touch 
And I hear it 
Your voice that's shown my purpose in this world 

You have restored me from my feeble and broken soul 
You have restored me 

I've only come to realize my strength will be made perfect at your throne 
Laying all reflections down to see the precious beauty that you've shown 
And I feel it 
My heart is being mended by your touch 
And I hear it 
Your voice thats shown my purpose in this world. 

Laying all these questions down you've answered what I need 
Youve given more than I deserve your making me complete 
You give me all these open doors I'm humbled at your feet 
To show me what youve done for me

All this time I've wandered around searching for the things I'll never know.