Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sweet childhood friend Whitney!
My Nannie!!
All my girl cousins and I pledged the same house as our Nannie.  Here is our Theta pic.  In case you are wondering, we are making kites, our symbol, with our hands.  Haylee, the newest member taught me that!
Here is our "missing Lauren" pic.  Our other cousin just moved to NYC and we missed her!  She is a Theta too so here is our missing you Lauren picture!  I love my Nannie's face!  Makes me giggle!
*My sweet sis-in-law Ashley!  I realized from these pics I must start lining the bottom lash line again.  I had gone to just my top but have not liked any recent pic of myself and now I realize that is what it is!
You all are going to straight up giggle at the end of this post.  It is going to be the most random hodge podge of information you have read today.  But nevertheless, my sweet child yelled and sang at the top of her lungs until about 20 minutes ago so now I am promised a few precious hours of silence to which I can update you on our lives....

SO I tried to tackle a few tasks as she yelled and sang at the top of her lungs (FOR 2 HOURS!!) the did not require my complete attention, because I am shamed to admit, though a veteran Mom, I am still a little rattled by all the noise.  So I just cleaned out my shamelessly cluttered closet and moved my summer things to the attic and my winter things down in light that we are forecasted (spell check says that forecasted is not a word, but I like it) a yummy cold front to arrive tonight!  YIPPEE!  My arms are like noodles right now.  

I am putting of the task that has been screaming for my attention for weeks now, which is about 50 pieces of clothes just waiting to be ironed (that is a gross underestimation, sadly).  I HATE IRONING!!!!!  I am trying to tempt myself into setting up my ironing board and watching Ugly Betty that I dvr-ed last week which sipping and snacking on something yummy.  Sounds fun, yes??  Sob, NOPE!  Not to me either!  But I WILL DO it!  You all hold me accountable.  I will do it right after I finish rambling!

We went to OSU Homecoming this last weekend and had a BALL.  I wrote about it on AK's blog so you can mosey over there are read and see more pictures.  I really did have a wonderful time.  I got to relax a bit and share sweet conversation which always energizes me!  I sure missed my Grumpies though.  He would have loved having us all together.  And watching AK fall in love with his (and mine) beloved alma mater.  Sigh....

As for the tests, so many of you sweetly checked on me.  Basically, we got the news we dreaded.  Lots of cysts on my only ovary and unknown fluid in my pelvic cavity.  But after some tears, I surrendered it and prayed intently for healing.  He knows best.  I am so glad I can trust Him.   I have read that diet greatly impacts ovarian cysts so I have altered my diet significantly.  God alone is healing but I also believe he convicted me of what is going in my body and has used that as well.  I have experienced significantly less pain this month which is so exciting to me.  I have eliminated sugar, caffeine, dairy and most carbs.  I know.  It is really sad.  I ADORE food.  This really has been one of the hardest things I have done.  God convicted me a while back about my lack of self-control and this is really testing/growing it.  I am trying to drink tons of water as well.  So pray for me on that!

Abby Kate has been a trip lately!  Gosh that girl!  Parenting her has been the hardest and most fun thing I have done.  She has been hard lately in some respects.  She does NOT want to get dressed in the morning (wants to wear her jammies!) and only happily complies when she picks it out (HELLO?!  A sleeveless dress does not work in 60ish degree weather!).  I let her when it does not matter and we go to the mat on other days which leaves me exhausted.  We are also really working on not interrupting.  I got a great tip last night to have her rest her hand on her leg and to put my hand on top of it to let her know I acknowledge she is there until I can finish the conversation.  She has been really bad about it lately.  She wants attention NOW!  I want her to learn to respect others by not interrupting and to also learn self control in waiting.  
She is semi potty-trained.  She goes whenever I take her to the bathroom and some days will wear panties all day and have no accidents and then others, she insists on diapers.  I was assured today this was normal.  Seems like all the stories I heard, though, were they got it one day and it was done!  Oh well, I am super proud of her!  She loves hearing me say it and will quickly prompt me if I don't!  "Mommy is SOOOO proud of you!!!!!???"  Until she hears me say it excitedly.  She is a words of affirmation girl just like me praise God!  (I know Gary Chapman, you really can't tell that until they are older!) 

We are prepping for our Costa Rica trip that will be here in mere weeks!  I am giddy excited!  If you have tips for traveling a long distance with toddlers, I would love to hear it!  

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece will be here Thursday through the weekend and we plan lots of fun stuff, including a visit to the pumpkin patch so stay tuned to Abby Kate's blog for pics!  

Finally, I am leaving you with one of my favorite dishes of all time!  I always order it when I get to rarely visit a Le Madeleine.  I found the recipe online and was giddy excited.  Ignore the fact that it has many of my taboo foods.  I may reward myself soon!  Enjoy!

La Madeleine's Creamy Pesto Chicken

MAKES: 4 Servings

1 pkg chicken tenders

2 whole mushrooms

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter (s)

1/2 cup heavy cream (s)

1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese (s)

1/4 tsp salt (s)

1/4 tsp black pepper (s)

2 pkt pesto sauce mix (s)

bow-tie pasta

Pesto Cream Sauce:

[note: all ingredients marked with an (s) are for this sauce]

1. Mix pesto packets according to instructions.

2. Melt butter in sauce pan over medium high heat. Add heavy cream and bring to a boil. When bubbles are at max height, sprinkle in Parmesan cheese to knock down bubbles. Reduce heat to to med-low and cook, stirring constantly.

3. Continue to stir, scraping the bottom and sides as cheese melts and sauce thickens to desired consistency. Add salt, pepper, and then gradually stir in pesto mix until thoroughly blended.

Main Dish:

1. Chop tenders into bite-sized pieces and slightly brown in skillet with olive oil. Slice mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes and add to skillet. Add additional olive oil to keep moist, if necessary.

2. Stir in pesto cream sauce mixture. Thoroughly mix until all ingredients are hot and ready to eat. Serve over bow-tie pasta.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun News!

Check Abby Kate's blog for some fun news!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have the most dear people in my life.  Really.  Even those of you I don't talk to often.  I am so blessed.  It is one thing that makes me feel charmed.  I have always had such an army of precious people in my life.  They have poured into my life in each new stage, claiming another piece of my heart and teaching me more.  It is one thing I daily pray for Abby Kate.  That she will have people in her life that encourage and inspire her and point her to Him.  I truly have been so blessed!

So thank you each for praying for us.  Thank you for your emails, your calls, your prayers.  I know many of you read this and then pray.  Thank you.  Thank you for asking for specifics lately.  Even in my new discoveries, authenticity often brings vulnerability which is still a bit hard for me.  But I realized today, I covet your prayers more than I care about being vulnerable.  So here it goes...

I went to my OB  a little over a month ago.  She did a ton of blood work and found out my progesterone was super low.  She started me on a really high dose last month.  We did not get pregnant.  
However, there is some positive to it.  Since my first miscarriage (which was ectopic), I have had moderate to severe pain in my right side.  I have always associated it will bad pregnancies but it has been consistently painful the past 3 months.  Thursday, they are doing a stone study (kidney stones), a scan of my gallbladder and then a cat scan of my abdomen.  If all of that is clear, Dad wants to do a colonoscopy (gag).  I have a super high pain tolerance and the pain has been terrible at times so I know something is going on.  2 months ago, they did another ultrasound and found tons of cysts on my ovary which also could be causing the pain.  My prayer is that they find something Thursday that is easily treatable.  I pray it is NOTHING to do with my reproductive system.  I already know it will be a struggle not to worry or fear when we get pregnant again.  I do not want this pain in my side to add fuel to the fire.  We are both still hopeful and not despairing.  It seems God has put a precious bubble around us, keeping us safe and at peace.  We are so thankful!

We also are continuing to seek His will.  We have felt a call to adoption even before the miscarriages so we both have wondered if God is trying to show us our child is out there needing us NOW rather than in our time frame (which was have all of our biological children and then adopt).  Please pray for wisdom and clarity in this as well.  

We are continuing to pray that God's will be done in our lives.  We know He has a plan, one that will bring a hope and a future and we trust it is better than ours.  Thank you again for praying.  We know He hears us!

Friday, October 03, 2008


Bobby and I heard about this movie and could not wait to see it.  Our sweet sister Ashley watched Abby Kate so we could go on a date.  I just simply cannot say anything more than...Go see it, please.  We are beginning the Love Dare.  We left the movie so deeply touched, so convicted, so inspired.  Even if you have had an easy marriage from day one, I do think this will touch you.  I adore the idea that love is something so much more than what we have accepted as a culture.  I do believe the principles displayed in this movie could change our world if applied to marriages.  PLEASE, go see it.  I am including the trailer, to hear it without my music playing in the background, scroll down to the player at the bottom and hit pause or stop.  Then you can hit play on the GodTube player.