Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I just finished a book that had a quote in it I loved.  It refers to motherhood.  It remembers a simpler time.  One that beckons to me often.  Now when a beloved friend needs a gift, I will give her an apron.  Attached will be this quote...
"Ma, why do you wear aprons?"
"An apron is like a uniform, you know, like a nurse wears a white dress and shoes.  When I put my apron on, it's my way to telling you that everything I do around here is for you, because I love you."
"...when I am washing the dishes or making a meal or cleaning the house, I think about you and how much pleasure you'll have in eating a good meal or living in a peaceful, clean house.  You're why I do all this.  Because I love you, I spend my days serving you.  There's no greater way to show love than to serve.  When you really love someone, you don't mind doing things for them.  It's a joy." 
"Like when you getting Daddy his coffee in the morning?"
"Yes, honey, like that.  I do it because I love him, and I choose to do it."
"Taking care of you and David and your pa--those are the greatest blessings of my life."