Friday, February 04, 2011

It has begun! (For real this time...)

So here we are, 3 months after my last post and we are FINALLY getting started on our house.  Holy moly what a process.  I knew everyone said it was a LOOOONNNG process but I had NO IDEA!  I am a get it done yesterday person so this process has been painfully refining.  My patience has had to mature quickly.  But I have continued to praise God for the opportunity to build...and for the opportunity to get my ducks in a row so as building progresses, there will be NOTHING on my end that holds the process up.  We really are giddy excited and I never in a million years thought I would get teary at the sight of dirt being moved.  But I did.  I so did!  When we went out to look at the pad that night, we saw the most beautiful sunset and was reminded of the simplicity of true beauty!  Now of course, this ridiculous snow has yet again stalled our progress so we are praying for 50 degree temps so we can pour our slab and get going!  Our goal (well MY goal) is to be in by June so I have a month to get good and settled by the time number 3 arrives!  My nesting instinct will be in overdrive and it will be SO magnified seeing as I will not have nested in a year!  SO SO ready!
So heres to many more, and in lighting-quick time, pictures to post to update you!  Thanks so much for your sweet comments and emails!  Can't wait to show you it all finished!