Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shocker Ahead....

For those of you that have known me my whole life, you just gasp in shock. Yes, my blonde hair went bye bye. In the middle of summer. When highlights are all the rage.
I have been highlighting my hair since I was 18. As I have aged, my hair has just gotten darker and darker. Call it curoisity, call it a budget that does not afford for highlights every 6 weeks, but i did it. I got it stripped of all highlights and back to my natural color. Can you BELIEVE how dark it is. She said it will lighten as I am in the sun. FUN FUN!
Just thought I would share!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


monk & neagle banner I know you all are probably thinking I have now turned this blog over to promotion. I promise, I am not. But I read about this cd release at one of my favorite blogs, BooMama. If you are a blogger, or even just a blog reader, you will LOVE her. Such wit. Anyway, back at Monk and Neagle. Great sound. I love acuostic guitar and great harmony. You will enjoy I'll bet!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Book Recommendation

Run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore or library and READ THIS BOOK! I have a lot of "best evers" but do not give books this title too often. This still does not beat my beloved Mark of the Lion series, but it is close. That is saying something folks. You will love it, love the characters and love the words.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It is the birthright of all the fortunate born into our country. It comes through truth, knowing God's love and grace and forgiveness. It is an adjective attached to my name as a believer yet has proven to be elusive. But the word FREE has elicited a clear picture in my head. That of my standing on the edge of a cliff with a breathtaking vista set before me, and then a fall, so exhilarating, not because of the fear but of the knowledge that I was to be caught. By hands that knew the fall was worth it.
I am finally free.
Free in a marriage that has been mediocre at best. Freed by truth divinely communicated through many avenues but most clearly communicated here. Freed by TRUTH.
Free in my skin that has, for so long, been a slave to pleasing others. I cannot tell you how exhausting it has been....concern of perceptions and then the energy to manipulate that perception. Perhaps this compulsion is why I love massages so much. It will leave you in knots.
Free from the fear. Oh the fear. Fear that everything I was doing was wrong. Fear that those who loved me would soon discover the fraud I was and then stop. Fear that motherhood was the end of the road in terms of what my life had to offer the world. And then guilt. Oh the guilt. Guilt for not keeping the house clean. Guilt that when I was, I was not spending time with Abby Kate. Guilt that everything I was doing to raise her was wrong.
And the complacency. Yuck. In the words of a beloved literary character, "But who am I? Just another woman in Christendom who's trying to figure out why she feels so defeated all the time and is coming up with a long list of problems but a short list of answers.
Is it the church? Is it me? Is it Jesus?"
I feel so much of my life has led me to this discovery. The discovery of my idolatry of control. The discovery that though freedom is mine to be so many more ways that one, I had left it sitting on the table....and had chosen this cage instead.
Thus leading me to the posted song. The first time I heard it, I was on my way home from the doctor during my miscarriage. I was SO far from freedom, yet huge, hot tears streamed down my face in longing. Really? Is there really no chain strong enough, no shadow dark enough, no mountain high enough, that HE can't climb? I am standing to attest. NO. In HIM there is freedom. This song has chased me. It plays every time I am still. The words bring forth tears every time. And now, they are tears of praise.
I remember Beth Moore saying once, that every morning she sits down to spend her time with the Lord, she throws back her head and says, "THRILL ME!" I remember hearing her say that and so wanting what she had. To know this God I served so well, that our relationship was thrilling. I can say, the thrill of freedom surpasses all.
And here I stand, in my own personal Hanukkah. For all my baptist sisters, rededication. The Hebrew word for dedication is Hanukkah. In other words, it is a reestablishment of worship. I am in awe of my Father, who has had it right all along. I have traded riches for rags and I for one am ready to trade. I am no longer a slave but am FREE. Free indeed.

Finally Free-Nichole Nordeman

This will touch you. It has been an anthem in my life recently. I will post more later. But please watch...and LISTEN. Her words are...perfect.