Friday, October 03, 2008


Bobby and I heard about this movie and could not wait to see it.  Our sweet sister Ashley watched Abby Kate so we could go on a date.  I just simply cannot say anything more than...Go see it, please.  We are beginning the Love Dare.  We left the movie so deeply touched, so convicted, so inspired.  Even if you have had an easy marriage from day one, I do think this will touch you.  I adore the idea that love is something so much more than what we have accepted as a culture.  I do believe the principles displayed in this movie could change our world if applied to marriages.  PLEASE, go see it.  I am including the trailer, to hear it without my music playing in the background, scroll down to the player at the bottom and hit pause or stop.  Then you can hit play on the GodTube player.  


Anonymous said...

We saw this movie too. It was brilliantly produced. It is wonderful for young married couples, but I think it equally applies to older couples. Great movie...I agree, a must see!


Tish said...

We're seeing it tonight - have been planning for weeks to go and I can't wait!

'The H Family' said...

hey girl! our sunday school class decided today to go see it tues nite. i was so pumped after i talked to you and you had said it was so great!! i'll let you know what i think.
love you tons!