Friday, October 19, 2007

Fears Recognized

So I had a weird day a couple of days ago. The meteorologists had been calling for severe weather all week and though not much can faze our state, when they begin saying things like "tornadoes likely," you would be a fool not to ready yourself. So the day comes and the skies are overcast. All day I keep waiting to the telltale signs rolling in....the green tint to the sky, the low black clouds, the still air. I only had AK at home and had put her down for her nap early so in case of our needing to take cover, I wouldn't have to wake a grouchy baby. So I am sitting at my computer which is on the west side of our house. The view out of my office's window is another house 25 feet away. I hear a loud boom and think to myself, "oh here they go...the storms are firing up." So I go into the living room where I have a south, unobstructed view and see the same overcast skies. But as I walk into my kitchen, I see a ton of smoke just over another house on 25 acres behind us. The trees are huge so I could not see what was causing the smoke. I went outside and not 3 seconds later, I hear another boom and realize I am hearing explosions. Suddenly, helicopters are circling, people are frantically running down the street behind my house, and the emergency vehicles begin. 8 firetrucks, 4 ambulances and I quit counting on the police. I am thinking in my head, "oh sweet Lord, someones house has exploded." I kept praying for those effected. I turned on the news, hoping to see what had happened. I finally kept refreshing my internet until I see the story appear. "Planes crashes. No survivors."
Death surrounds us every day. People is part of life. However, this tragedy has effected me so strangely. It was someones entire family. Wife and children and the pilot. I cannot fathom what he is feeling. Going from a family of five to a family of one in one day. What do you do? My heart has broken for this man. I simply do not know what to pray for him. But I am anyway.
It has just reminded me that none of us are promised tomorrow. That when my husband leaves this morning, I am going to kiss him soundly and tell him how precious he proud of him I am, how much I respect him. And when my baby wakes up and we sing "Good Morning George How are You?" and her sweet voice rings of innocence and purity, I will scoop her up and kiss every exposed inch of her. I will breathe in her baby scent and tell her how much I adore her. I will be thankful for the gift of waking up. I will be thankful that I have a God that cares and is always present....even when tragedy strikes and He could of stopped it.

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Carrie said...

The lady that died was my mom's dr. She said she was the sweetest lady. I couldn't imagine how the husband/father is dealing with all of it.