Thursday, August 07, 2008

Me! Me!

I just saw that I was tagged by Sadie to do this meme!
Here is how it works...
First, share 7 facts about yourself. Next, tag people at the end of your blog by leaving their name and a link to their blog. Last, let them know they’re tagged by leaving a link in their blog.
1.  I have broken my nose 3 times.
2.  I have had to be picked up at the police station by my Daddy.
3.  I truly believe Sonic makes a better Diet Coke than anywhere else
4.  I backpacked in Europe
5.  I have been stranded in the middle of no where without electricity for 6 days (in the freezing cold).
6.  I took English riding lessons 
7.  I hope to be a published author some day

So here are those I am tagging!


I'm Sadie said...

HAHAH! Loved the one about your dad having to pick you up. Randall had to pick me up from the police station once. That's a funny story I will share one day!

Jeremy and Melanie said...

Dito on the Sonic Diet Coke. I haven't figure it out yet.