Sunday, August 03, 2008

Its our Anniversary!

6 whole years.  6 years of daily deciding it was worth it.  6 years of fighting and making up.  6 years of learning to serve and compromise.  6 years of laughter and tears.  6 years of dreams and disappointments and discovery.  
I married a man my polar opposite.  He is country, I love the action of a city.  He is slow, I do everything quickly.  I love a good story, he will not exaggerate the smallest detail.  He loves boots, I love heels.  He loves an action packed vacation, I love a great book and the ocean.   
But the longer I am married to him, the more I realize...we are more alike than we think.  Or perhaps we love each other enough that we want the other's dreams for our own.  I now want to someday curl up on our front porch swing in the country, sharing a cup of hot coffee and praying for our grandchildren.  I want to be honest to the core, just like him.  I want to be touched easily, just like him.  
And most importantly, I am daily seeing why God chose him for me.  He is discerning and strong and wise.  He upholds me when I come apart.  He points me to the Savior when I get out of line.  He makes (and likes to make) me happy.  He works harder than anyone I know and loves to serve.  He can be tough but I feel privileged to be the one to see him with the walls down every day.  I love that he cannot pray without getting teary.  I love that He is a man of honor.  I love that he has integrity and will not try to explain away faults.  I love that he never holds a grudge.  I love that he never walks away when it is hard.  I love that he still pursues me.  
I am so deeply blessed.  Thank you, Father, for this man that you daily work on and his letting you.  Thank you for placing him beside me to serve beside.  I am better because of him.  But you knew that.  Thank you.


I'm Sadie said...

What a sweet post. You two look so great together and I love hearing beautiful stories of marriage! CONGRATS!

Katie O said...

Happy Anniversary!