Wednesday, July 27, 2011


March?  REALLY?  I cannot believe it has been that long since I updated.  Time has flown!  So much yet so little to update.  Mundane days yet packed with sweet lessons and memories.
So first up, yep, I am going to have a baby super soon.  I have been dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced for 3 weeks.  This is the story of my pregnancies.  A LOT of quick action and then an even more heaping portion of wait.   Which I am NOT good at...With this one though, it has flown and I have felt so unorganized and unready.  I had a list of "to dos" 5 miles long and as of this past Saturday, my biggest item was checked off (celebrating my precious son's 2nd birthday which is actually Thursday but in case new brother arrived, I wanted him to have his shining moment) and I felt more ready.  As of Monday, I returned to the doc with little progress so now I am REALLY ready.  I am also feeling a little on edge because I start back teaching my 2 classes at our community college on the 17th and I REALLY want a little time between birth and starting that again.  My syllabi are ready so I have nothing really to do, just don't want to have a baby and then go to standing in front of a class in a weeks time.  And I CANNOT WAIT to have everything out of storage.  You take a true blue nester, throw in a new baby, 95% of everything she owns in storage 1.5 hours away, a new house that is taking a dear forever and having been living with her poor parents for a year now and you can see a smidge of stress.  And impatience.  And irritation at silly little things.  So you also see one throwing herself daily on the mercies of her Savior!
As for the house, we figured it the other night and granting everything goes perfectly (it never does) we have 10 weeks until we finish.  We are finishing sheet rock on Thursday and the wood floors start going in on Friday.  We will do tile next week and then start trim which includes cabinets and countertops.  Then paint.  Then heat/air, electrician, plumber coming back to install fixtures.  Finally, wood floor guys back to finish, stain and seal and carpet installed and voila!  Finished!  We are finally to the fun part!  Thank the Lord I had my mind about me when I found out about this pregnancy and got everything picked out early.  I have NO stinking clue how I would do all that running around with a 5 year old, 2 year old and a newborn.  Gosh.  Thankful.  We are just giddy excited about the house.  I cannot wait for ya'll to see it.  I was telling my sweet Daddy the other night, who is out there EVERY night working on the land, that it is so surreal.  We were given SUCH a precious opportunity to build our dream house at such a young age and have picked everything with the thought, God willing, that we will be rocking on that same front porch when we are rocking grandbabies.  The view from our back porch is breathtaking. But it is so amazing to have picked everything.  I look at the windows, which I knew diddly squat about before this and just LOVE them.  Everything I have picked I have tried to reflect traditional farmhouse.  I want it to feel like it has been there forever.  And I want everything to be as classic as I could find so updating will be minimal over the years.  I just cannot imagine the first night in that house.  I know I will feel like I am dreaming and on vacation for a loooonnnggg time.  It really takes seasons like these to evoke such deep gratitude for such daily mundane things.
Did I mention I am homeschooling Abby Kate this year for Kindergarten.  No?  Oh yeah.  Another biggie.  We aren't starting until September 1st but we are SO SO excited.  I need to do a whole post on that and will sometime.
So here's to a busy end of summer and fall.  Oh fall!  How I am longing for you!  This 100 degree weather while carrying extra weight is for the birds.  :)  Hope you are each doing so well!


Cool Grandma said...

It is so good to have an update on you Stephanie. I have been wondering about you - how you are doing and when the new baby is due...wondered about your new house too. You answered all of my questions. Take care of yourself and we will be praying for delivery soon and a healthy, happy, mother and baby. Blessings to you and yours.


Katie said...

Can't wait to start spending more time together soon. I know it is a busy season, but a few months down the road I hope we can spend some lazy afternoons rocking on your porch and watching the kids play. :)