Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In, well....forever

So many of you have been so dear to call or email, asking how we have been.  I literally feel like I have fallen completely off the blog bandwagon...for numerous reasons...the biggest being that Abby Kate no longer takes a nap nor has she been having quiet time while we have lived here so I have very, very little time to myself.  Night falls and I try to prop my eyelids open to spend a tiny bit of quality time with my hubby before I fall asleep promptly at 9.  So, I will attempt to remember the vast happening in the lives of our little fam and share a bit, which will probably be the last time for weeks...or months.  I feel the worst about neglecting the kids blog.  Seeing as I don't scrapbook and have not been journaling faithfully, I have very little to show them by means of pictures and words.  I have always heard you take thousands of pictures of your first, a hundred of your second and 3 or so of your third.  I NEVER, and I mean NEVER thought I would be that Mom.  However, you never know what awaits you in the next stage of motherhood.  And in my case, I could not fathom not having a bit of quiet time every day during nap/quiet time for the kiddos.  But it is upon me.  So, my blogging has suffered.
So to cover such a vast array of subjects, I will just jump in...
The house....oh the house.  I never thought weather would become an obsession.  And I never thought a forecast of rain could cause depression.  I absolutely LOVE spring in our fair state.  I LOVE storms.  I have always anxiously awaited March and April and loved the days it would thunder and lightening outside while we were cozy inside.  However, this spring has been ruined, I mean RUINED for me.  Each small amount of rain has set us back weeks.  We closed on our construction loan in January and it is the end of March and we STILL have no foundation.  We do have our footing poured which was huge and we got our road (our house is 700 yds of the main road) finished so the weather delays should be minimal from here on out.  My biggest anxiety was not finishing before Brooks was born.  But we have longed since passed that desire and now I just wonder how in the world I will find all our baby gear.  We have three storage units in our old town and a garage full of boxes here at my parents and I have no clue, NONE, as to how in the world I will find all I need for him.  I just feel overwhelmed at moving with a newborn.  And adding to what my parents (and we for that matter) thought would only be a month and is now going on 9.  It is just a mess and I am praying with all I am the rest of the process will move at lighting speed.
Pregnancy...has flown.  Truly.  I am 21 weeks pregnant and really am feeling great.  My body feels it more this time.  More pressure, more weight, just all of it.  But it has gone SO SO fast.  Our ultrasound last week showed him already weighing 1 lb 10 oz and he is measuring almost a full 2 weeks ahead.  I am really thankful for this though.  I had really been nervous that we would have one hoss of a boy and one skinny man.  But looks like we might have two linebackers (however I would prefer two centers or two pitchers)! With them being so close in age, I know God will make them uniquely perfect but I did not want there to be any obvious wedge Satan could use between them.  His original due date was August 10th but the ultrasound said July 31st.  I say, let him stay in as long as he can.  At least that is what I say right now.  I always am losing it at the end of my pregnancies!
I am loving teaching.  For those of you that don't know, I am teaching two classes at our junior college here.  I truly have loved it.  I have great students and it has been really fun using my brain in this way again!  They are when Bobby is off so it is also great one on one time for the kids to have with their Daddy and he loves it too!
Speaking of Daddy, we finally have him home.  The 4 month absence was SO SO hard and I am just beyond thankful to have my partner home.  We knew his training was so necessary, it was just hard.  The kids are delighted and I am amazed at their relationship with him.  He is SO SO proactive with them and SUCH a great, loving disciplinarian.  I am so, so thankful for him.  He adores his job as well.  This alone has SO changed our quality of life.  It is just a PERFECT fit for him and uses his gifts to the core.  I love seeing him putting on his gear for work, knowing he is so energized by what he does.  I pray so hard for him and know God uses him mightily.  Now his shift has changed (2pm-2am) I get a bit more nervous but it just sends me to my knees more often which is so, so good.
There are a few other BIG things for us right now but we are still praying through them.  But I will be excited to share them with you in the future!  Right now, we just would love your prayers!
SO, so pray all is well with each of you and your sweet families.  May God be blessing you more than you could ask or imagine!


Cat said...

Welcome back to the blogasphere. :) Thanks for the update - you have been on mind. I can't believe you're 21 weeks pregnant. Brooks will be here before you know it. Hope you all had a good weekend. Keep the updates coming!

Craig and Erin said...

loved reading your blog and getting updated! praying for your sweet family! your authenticity just always makes my heart happy. know that the Lord ALWAYS uses it, even when you don't think so! Love ya