Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Update

Thanks for the advice and for emailing me!  SOOOO helpful.  Just a quick update on it (if you care) and HUGE praise!  I lead a Bible study on Thursday mornings at our church and Bo ate early this morning so he would need to eat again during the study.  I threw in 3 oz bottle thinking if, and I mean IF, they could get him to take the bottle, it could hold him off until I was finished.  Well, they called me and said he had taken all of the bottle and was still hungry!  I was literally in shock.  AND, he slept wonderfully last night.  God is so good!


Liz said...

wahoo!!! wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

Great news! By the way, Solomon eats 7 ounces at a time -- yep! So, if you are trying to figure out what a full bottle feeding will be while you are not at home, you might go for that!


Anonymous said...


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