Friday, June 12, 2009

Storms and Such...

What a weird past 24 hours.  It began last night.  I sure hope you all get a good laugh out of my dorkiness.  Such strange things happen to me.  Seriously.  
So I have a weird chest cold.  I have been coughing like a manic and have gotten choked several times in the night.  Please tell me I am not the only one that does this.  Waking up and feeling like spit has gone down the wrong pipe, only throwing you into massive coughing spells?  Well last night, it happened again.  I jumped up and felt wetness soak my pants and drip onto the floor.  I know this is gross, just keeping it real.  I figured it was urine but wasn't 100% sure.  I got to the bathroom to sit down, only to start throwing up all over myself.  I strip down and weakly (and in a super strange voice) yelled and Bobby.  When he got there, I was throwing up violently, snotty and naked.  Yep, good thing he is in this for the long haul, it was BEEE-u-tiful!  He looked super scared, asking me what to do, also asking, "Was it the ABC, 123s?"  (I only thought of this funny sentence later in the night).  Nope, it wasn't the gourmet kid-friendly meal of ABC, 123s that I had chosen for my dinner but coughing, I explained.  We called my Dad to see what to do, and he agreed it was probably just urine.  I slept fine.  Woke up this morning, getting ready to take my niece to meet her Momma and these crazy storms rolled in.  I ADORE storms, but was a little perturbed at the interruption to my plans.  My niece had a birthday party to get to for goodness sakes!  But we waited it out.  And they were pretty massive.  We then hear tons of sirens, and look outside only to see an adjacent house on fire (praise God no one was hurt).  We watched this craziness play out for a good long time, chatted with the neighbors and watched police come in and shut down our roads.  
We finally set out and as I got about 45 minutes away from home, I start having contractions.  Now due to last nights drama, I got a smidge nervous.  I called my sweet doctor and she wanted me to head up to the hospital.  So I quickly dropped my niece off, turned right around and went back to the hospital.  They hook me up, test the "leakage" to see if it was amniotic fluid, it turns out to be inconclusive so they do a test and send it to the lab.  Finally, it comes back negative and now I am feeling super relieved (and dorky!).  2 hours later, I am fully dressed, headed out the door.  But the 2 hours sitting hooked up to a monitor got me in full gear to get things ready.  You know, just in case.  All I could do was sit there thinking how horribly messy my house was, how much I needed to get out of the attic for Bo, how badly I needed a pedicure, how weird my spray tan looked now that it was all splotchy, how I didn't have a robe that fit any more, etc...and I thought, hmmmm....God answered my prayer to allow Bo to stay in a while longer and also kicked me out of laziness while He was at it!  He is GOOOOOD!
Seriously, I promise I am not THAT vain.  Mostly, I am looking so forward to these next few weeks as a family of 3.  We planning to spend sweet quality time together and cherish this time with our only child.  But let me tell you, we are all giddy for him to arrive.  When AK walked into the hospital room today, she shouted, "GET UP!  GET UP!"  But as I explained to her what was going on, she walked over and kissed Bo (my tummy).  She is ready too, though she has NO IDEA what kind of change she is in for.  So if you have any advice for the transition from 1 to 2 kiddos, we would love to hear them.  I really do think she will do great.  I know it is hard for any child but she is so excited and ready to have "jobs" to help me.  
Not sure how much more I will blog between now and then.  At my last ultrasound, he was 5 lbs 1 oz.  Not sure when he will arrive.  That ultrasound said July 18th.  It just keeps moving up.  But maybe his weight gain will even out toward the end.  Who knows?!  But we know God has us in His precious hand!  Until then....


Chassidy said...

I love this post. You crack me up! I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet baby Bo once he arrives. I will be saying big prayers for you and your family!

AMENMom said...

Oh, Steph--I love you! This is the most important thing to remember: after a month, Abby Kate will not remember her life as an only child. She might have specific memories, but the won't recall a lifestyle change. Our Abby has no recollection that it was ever just her.

Two tips that I was given that worked GREAT:

1) When she comes to the hospital for the first time, make sure that you are not holding Bo--she needs to see him and you as two separate people, and her first sight of him shouldn't be in HER place--your arms!

2) Buy a special gift to give her at the hospital "from Bo." Even babies can bribe :)

Anonymous said...

Thank God everything is ok. Even though he is a big baby -- he still needs a bit longer to "cook"!