Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3D Ultrasound Pics and Update

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We sure did.  We got to kick it off on Saturday by having a 4D ultrasound that my parents bought at an auction.  It was super fun to see. We then went to lunch with Mom and Dad and my precious in-laws which was so fun!   As you can tell, our sweet Bo is growing and well.  He is already 4 lbs. 4 oz. which freaks me out a bit considering I still have 2 months to go but I know I can, I know I can.  I love that he already has chubby cheeks!  My original due date was August 5th but from my mid ultrasound they said it should be July 27th and this one estimated July 25th.  So we shall see.  I hear the first ultrasound it most accurate so I am still counting on August.  Just please pray with me that I don't deliver a 12 lb. baby!
Also, please pray as I found out at my last appt. that I am B12 and folate deficient which explains these weird spells (dizziness, heart racing, short of breath, etc.) I have been having.  I am hoping the B12 shot and additional folic acid and iron that I started taking over the weekend will put me back in the game fast.  
We got several things finished over the weekend.  My parents came and Dad helped Bobby do a landscape project in the backyard that has been much needed (thanks boys!) and then we had a big cookout on Sunday night with the fam and a few friends.  My favorite part was loving on sweet Liv for uninterrupted time in the porch swing.  Agh.  That alone was perfect.  It really was so great and relaxing.  Abby Kate and I have been spending countless hours outside which has been glorious.  She has been playing so well on her own lately which is such a God thing.  I am so thankful He is readying her heart for the major change coming.  I just finished a fantastic parenting book that helped my heart more than any I have read.  It has excited me and made me so passionate and intentional about what I am doing all day with Abby Kate and soon, Bo.  So God is just allowing so many precious things to fall into place, in perfect time.  
I pray all is well with each of you!


Sarah said...

Those pictures are amazing! Bo is so cute.

Katie O said...

You were blessed to get such great shots of Bo the first time. I had to return 3 or 4 times just to get a little glimpse of Nathan's face. Oh, and he was measuring around 4 lbs or so at about the same point, so no worries! He ended up weighing in at 8 lbs 5.5 ozs.

What book did you read?

Stephanie said...

Thanks Sarah!
Oh praise God! Thanks Katie. I was imagining a 12 lb. baby! The book was called Don't Make Me Count to 3. It was AMAZING! Took principles from Shepherding a Child's Heart and actually gave you step by step what it looks like. And for my mind, it was what I needed. I don't do well with theory!

Cool Grandma said...

Precious baby......great ultrasound.

Laura said...

Great pictures!

So, when does Bo get his own blog? Just kidding! Not that you need one more thing to do....

We really need to all meet at the pool on a weekend...would be so fun!