Thursday, April 09, 2009


I woke up Monday morning and spent time in the Word, convicted at the end that I should seek fun ways and exciting traditions to begin for our family as we celebrate Easter.  As a Christian, this week is paramount for our faith.  I want this holiday to be the greatest celebration my children know...I so desire for them to look forward to it as I did for Christmas.  But then, classic to my distracted nature, I forgot until last night.  As I laid in bed trying to fall asleep, I startled awake wondering how in the world it had become Wednesday night and I still had done nothing to teach Abby Kate or to begin the anticipation of Resurrection Sunday.  So this morning, I asked my precious Bible study friends to share what they did and got some fun responses....thank goodness God has given so many creative brains.  Mine is wired more for stories, dreams and vision verses actual ways to carry out that vision or dream.  And though I love the art of telling stories, both verbally and written, my communication gifts are best suited for teenagers, college students and young adults.  So I often feel absolutely clueless when I communicating with my precious 3 year old.  
Here are some fun things they shared...
My super creative and precious friend Ashley shared about resurrection bread (which she shows how to make on her blog) and resurrection eggs, which I promptly went and purchased after Bible study.  I bought ours at Mardel's for under $10.  They are adorable plastic different colored eggs which are numbered and inside each one is a token that tells the story of Jesus and the cross.  You can open them each and tell the story or open one each day leading up to Easter.  It comes with a book if you do not feel comfortable telling the story.  It is a great visual and Abby Kate LOVED it!
My other sweet friend Lisa shared of a fair they had attended where they used paper that disintegrated in water and each person wrote a sin they had committed that day on it.  After telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross to remove our sins, they placed the paper in a large bowl of water and watched them disintegrate.  She said her 4 year old exclaimed, "OH! Jesus died so my sin would be taken away forever!"  Wow.  A great lesson.

So if you have more...I would LOVE to hear them.  

Until then, I pray for each of you that you have a restful and blessed Resurrection Sunday...and  that you celebrate with your whole hearts at the fact that we serve the only living God!  


I'm Sadie said...

Here are two that my good friend Tara ( ) shared with me.

I had planned on using this one for older kids.
Jelly Beans Tell a Story (written by Barbara Hooks)

Fill a bag with jelly beans and attach the following poem or type it up and print it out on a piece of paper
and frame. Glue fun foam jelly beans on the frame.
* * * * * * * * *
Black is for the evil planned that night
Yellow is for God's Son Who is the Light
Red is for the precious blood that Jesus gave.
Green is for the grass that grew beside the grave.
Orange is for the setting sun as soldiers slept.
Pink is for the rising sun as Mary wept.
Purple is for rulers who could not win.
White is for the cloth He left within.
Blue is for the water in the sea.
On the shore, "The risen Lord, Oh could it be?"
Many people witnessed this great event.
Disciples watched as heavenward He went.
The angel said He would return
Exactly when we do not learn.
A bag full of jellybeans, help us tell
A story of love we know so well.
Share the candy, share the joy
Jesus died for girls and boys

Then there was this one, which I hope I can do with Ruthie!
Jesus Ascending Into Heaven
(Designed by Tracey Lentfer)
*16 oz. foam cup *Blue paper *Card stock *Picture of Jesus *Cotton balls *String *Tape *Glue
1. Cut out a small picture of Jesus. Draw two small stars on card stock and have child color them. Cut out.
2. Punch hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup. Cut blue paper and glue around cup. (You can also
prepaint with blue paint). Glue cotton balls around cup (for clouds)
3. Take string and tape to stars, then glue stars together. Thread string through the cup and tape the picture
of Jesus to the other end of the string.

When your child pulls the string, Jesus will "ascend" into heaven (the paper cup). You may choose to read
Luke 24:50-53 with your children before beginning this craft.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter!

Ashley said...

Yeah...I am so glad Abby Kate liked the Resurrection Eggs and that Mardel's still had them!