Thursday, April 02, 2009


Abby Kate

Well, we had another doctor's appointment today so I had to share our latest "pic."  When I saw his profile today, I literally gasped thinking back on the profile picture that I had framed for months of Abby Kate.  I think they are pretty similar.  So fun.
I have also felt pretty huge.  I have gotten BIG this time, thinking I was not even out of my normal clothes at this point with Abby Kate and I just feel gigantic.  I have gained the same amount of weight at this point as I did with Abby Kate so my OB measured me and I am measuring 3-4 weeks bigger than I am!  CRAZY!  I am just praying I do not have to mimic my mother in law who gave birth to my 10 lb 13 oz, 23 inch long husband!  AGH!  I have such an easy birth story from Abby Kate, I don't think I will be singing the same tune if I have to deliver a huge boy.

In other news, we got back from an incredible trip to Vegas with my parents, my brother Hal and his buddy Mike.  My sweet sister Ash is too close to delivery so she could not travel (and we missed her :).  We had a ball.  Strangely, we all forgot our cameras.   We ate delicious food (14 meals with no toddler), shopped and watched great shows.  One of the highlights was seeing Ray Ramono and Kevin James do stand-up and Adam Sandler surprising the audience at the end.  It was crazy fun!  My sweet sister-in-law sacrificed her spring break to play with Abby Kate and my incredible mother-in-law took off a few days as well.  I am so thankful for family!  Though being away from Abby Kate so long was hard, it really helped me return home rested and renewed, ready to tackle motherhood with excited vision.  There is nothing like being away to cause you to reflect and see areas that need to be worked on.  So I am home, loving on my girl with reckless abandon, savoring these last few months of having an only child.  And it was great to be away with my hubby too :)
I pray you are all doing well!


I'm Sadie said...

Glad to hear all is well. I wouldn't really know what it's like to eat a meal without a toddler! I need to do that before Lil Randy decides to join the family! I loved the ultrasound pics. What a precious little man!

Cary said...

I cannot believe that ultrasound...they are little twins already (which is great luck, as AK is SO CUTE!) I have been praying for the little bun in your oven.
Bobby just beat me out in birth weight...I was 10 lbs 12 ounces, but I was a little longer at 24 inches. Ha, ha!