Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Update

Hi all...
Just thought I would share.  I am 15 weeks today!
Had a super scare last weekend.  I have been cramping pretty bad for about a week.  My sweet doctor (who I adore and actually went to high school with) had told me to come in by the end of the week if it hadn't stopped.  Friday was pretty good so I didn't call.  I decided last minute Friday evening to head home to help Mom and Dad clean out their basement (I love to purge and organize and they actually let me boss them around!) after finding out B would have to work again most of the weekend.  I must confess, I was TIRED ya'll.  And I also selfishly needed some help with my tireless toddler.  On the way home, the cramping got pretty bad.  It stayed pretty bad most of the day Saturday.  I finally had a concern breakdown (I will still say God spared me of the intense worry I had felt in the past- there has been so much freedom I cannot tell you).  My Dad said we could run up to the hospital and let them do an ultrasound.  I was super anxious.  I really felt like something was wrong at this point.  Once she started the ultrasound, I saw the baby's heartbeat and felt a joy and relief that was intense.  She did a complete job of it, measuring everything and checking it all.  There was a 4 chamber heart, all the right bones, a perfect spine, etc... I just felt such joy.  The stomach is measuring about 4-5 days larger than the rest but she said that was normal, that he/she was eating well (as does his/her Momma) :).  Fun thing is, he/she has been measuring big all along and it put my due date to August 3rd, our 7th anniversary!  SO typical for Bobby and I share the same birthday and our parent's share the same anniversary.  I told Bobby and he just deadpanned and said, "I figured."  
And finally, she saw something....pretty certain of the sex.  We have another appointment on the 25th and should know for sure.  

Oh yes, I so went there.  


Sarah said...

Oh my I am dying to know! I am so, so glad everything is ok.

Cat said...

That's it? That's all we get? You TEASE! :) Glad to hear everything looks good.

AMENMom said...