Saturday, March 29, 2008


*UPDATE:  Lacey is doing WONDERFULLY!  Power, power, wonder-working power! and as my sweet Abby Kate loves to sing, "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do!"  She still isn't completely out of the woods, so please keep praying.  If you would like to follow her story, you can now check and click visit.  Then type in laceyjoburns, no spaces, and it will take you to her page.  It will also send email updates any time the page is update (which is whenever anything changes).  Thank you EACH for praying!
I know many of you that read this have already gotten my email.  But I am asking any one that reads this to please pray.  Here is the story.... 
I just am coming to you on behalf of a family I met a couple of weeks ago. My cousin's best friend Leisa
has a daughter, Lacey that is 14 years old. Super healthy, athletic, great kid. She contracted microplasmic 
pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. She was in the hospital a week at home and then was brought by ambulance
to the new children's hospital here. After another week, she was put in the PICU. 
She is now on a ventilator and a sort of bypass machine to oxygenate her blood called an EC-Mo
machine. They tried taking her off of it last night and she started bleeding out internally from the
heparin she was on to thin her blood and they had to take her to surgery to cauterize her veins that were
bleeding. I took them a meal tonight and Leisa shared that Lacey had started bleeding again, that her SATs
had dropped dangerously low. But an hour ago, I got a text message saying she was worse and they have now
had to put in another chest tube. I cannot imagine how this family is feeling. They know the power of our God
and trust Him but I am sure they are beside themselves right now.  
Would you please join me in agreement praying these three things for Lacey?
1.  That she can stay of the EC-Mo machine.
 2.  That her SATs will rise. 
3.  That she will stop bleeding.
And ultimately, for healing.  I am specifically praying it will happen in a way that only HE can receive glory.
Thank you all SO much.  I adore you each...

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