Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Back!

For all the business of summer, my computer COMPLETELY crashing, I mean dead....and the anticipation of my hubbies upcoming surgery (removal of tonsils and fixing a deviated septum), I have been out of action on the blog front. Not much new to report in my world, except for the fact I got a sweet new iMAC computer which has been fun to tinker with....expect lots of new fun videos and pics. Although probably more so on Abby Kate's blog than on this one.
I have been trying to think of a subject of significance to post updating on my thoughts, life, new tricks...hmmm....but I keep coming up empty.
I have been contemplating my favorite blog subject....motherhood lately. I am realizing how hard the first child sydrome is when you stay home and spend time with them all day. Lets just say she is suffering from extreme egocentric-ism. We have gone to play at the mall a few times and she just sits there fasinated but will not play unless I am glued to her side. I am trying to encourage her to play by herself by making myself unable throughout the day. She is getting better. However, this child I thought was going to be fearless seems to have a timid side when she gets around other children. I know this makes sense. She is with me all day and is always at ease with adults. She just is struggling with her counterparts. I am starting a Bible study on Thursday mornings at our church so she will have more time with other children then as well as at church on Sundays. We do play dates and she does well after a while. She does much better with older children than with other toddlers. I can see how this is a downside of children being at home instead of daycare. However, I am willing to pay this price so this is merely thinking out loud than wishing for the alternative.
I am doing a little fall cleaning around here and doing massive purging. We still have so much stuff we got from our wedding that has never been out of the box....glasses that have never been used, etc...I am now just trying to figure out what is going to Goodwill and what will be consigned or yard sold (random grammar...sorry). I hate yard sales but I may have to do one with this random assortment of things. I am just craving organization in my life!
I am about to start a few new projects. Painting an armoire and iron bed and bedside tables for Abby Kate's big girl room. I am super excited about the armoire. I am painting it antique white and will distress it and am taking out the panels of the top two doors and getting coordinating fabric and gathering it on a rod at the top and bottom and hanging it over the opening. I will post pictures when I finished. I still have not figured out when we are going to transition but as soon as things settle down we will try. I really would like to make my office a playroom as well and make move the craft table in here. I would love to paint a wall with the chalkboard paint so we would have a HUGE canvas to draw upon but I am sure that would not be great for resale someday nor are we sold on what rooms will be children's bedrooms eventually so I am sure I will hold off. She is getting pretty into coloring now so the endless possibilities of art projets make me giddy!
I also started painting monogrammed canvases for friend's weddings, birthday gifts and/or baby gifts and starting selling them so that has been fun too. I am doing small canvases with wired ribbons to hang spelling "thankful" for over my mantle (or entryway....haven't decided) for fall and am going to do the same spelling "believe" for Christmas. It is super easy. Just get stencil paper and find a font you love and then print it. Cut out the stencil and trace it onto the painted canvas. The get a hard wired small paint brush and paint away. This part takes practice but you could do it! I LOVE decorating for holidays!
I so hope all is well in each of your lives. God is so good!


Katie said...

That sounds like a neat idea...could you post a pic of it?

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see all your projects! And you've piqued my interest with the stenciling on canvas!

AMENMom said...

Steph! Love your ideas. Definitely post pictures of your work--I might need those mantle paintings on my wall! Hey, on the chalkboard paint thing, have you thought about just painting a large board or piece or sheetrock and attaching it to one wall? That way you could move it, or just get rid of it if you get tired of it. Just a thought! Miss you and talk to you soon.


Stephanie said...

I certainly will post pics when finished! Thanks buddies!

Stephanie said...

Oh and great idea Nancy!

shawnda said...

Sounds like you've been busy. I completly understand about the stay at home mom. I put Grant in a Mother's Day Out program at 3 and it seemed to help. Also your canvas sounds adorable. I've been wanting to do that but haven't ventured out yet, can't wait to see a pic.