Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top 10 selfish things I would do if I won the lottery....

1. Have a spa in my house...with estheticians (sp?), hair dressers, masseuses and nail people on call 24 hours a day.
*I read an article once that Donna Karan had one in her house and the only fabrics she used in the spa was cashmere and linen. Um Yeah, I will want that too.
2. House cleaner. Enough said.
3. Someone to iron our clothes.
4. A cook (preferably someone whose speciality is Italian food...or maybe Paula Deen) available if I wanted them and when I didn't want them to cook, they would still make the menu and do my grocery shopping. They would also be a wonderful pastry chef that could whip up sweet delicacies when I craved them at night.
*I actually love to cook...however there are nights I really hate it thus the second part of my cook's job.
5. A personal trainer. Did you see the above post?
6. Okay, I know this doesn't exist any more and I promise you, if I employed someone like this, I would treat them like royalty. Not the way they treated them in the old days (just like my favorite literary character of all times, Haddasah of the Mark of the Lion series). But you know when you read about them in books...I think they are called handmaidens or something? They were there to pick out clothes, do your hair and makeup, help you get undressed and dressed, draw you a bath, brush your hair, etc...yeah, I want one of those.
7. A personal shopper (for clothes and such). But I get to go too.
8. An endless supply of ridiculously expensive sheets with, like, 5000 thread count and a closet full of beautiful bedding that I could change out when I got bored with one set.
9. A library full of every book published.
10. Someone to manage my money. I mean come on ya'll. The lottery winnings will go pretty fast with all this stuff. I don't want to have to go through all the bankruptcy stuff that all the other yahoo lottery winners experience.
So that's that.


Anonymous said...

You really should have been my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HarrimanFamily said...

Steph, just remember us little people when you win :). I love your list. I kept saying in my head "Me too" as I read each one of them.

cdjenkins said...

I found your blog through blogs of friends and friends and know the blogging world! I wanted to comment about your May 18th post and just say "thank you" from one fellow-believer to another. My husband and I suffered a miscarriage in March, what would have been our first and long-awaited child. I was devastated, yet in the midst of this suffering I literally felt a wash of God's peace come over me. A dear friend told me in the middle of it all that God doesn't give us peace until we absolutely need true. He allows us to suffer, sometimes until we think we cannot do so any more, and then he gives us the peace we so desperately, humanly need. It has NOT been, swimming in His peace, as you put it, has been reassuring, comforting, healing...all of the words that describe a Father. I will admit it has been hard not to doubt Him and question Him, and wonder Why me? about some of these decisions. But then I am reminded about how thankful I should be and how blessed I am to have a Father who no matter what, comes back to me time and time again. Thank you for your wise, and beautiful words. I too believe life begins at conception, so I don't know why, but I had never thought about being excited to see this baby when I meet Jesus for the first time. What a joy! I will look forward to it for the rest of my life and it gives me great Hope! Although I do not know you, I know God has blessed me through you and has used you for His purposes this very afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you and many many blessings to your beautiful family. As a sister in Christ, I ask for your prayers as we try again to add to ours.