Tuesday, February 27, 2007


From this very moment captured on film, I longed to hear those words out of the mouth of the one who made me a Mama. For months, I felt a disconnect to my child, as if my role of Mama was not significant to her. After all you read, and all you know, the Mama is the most significant of all. So when my little social, independent baby did not seem to prefer me, Satan had a field day in my mind. But after much encouragement, prayer and simply pressing forward, my baby has become a little girl...and that little girl and I have become the best of friends. With an inherited flair for the dramatics, her THRILL of things makes life so fun. Like when she walks around the kitchen island, only to catch me in her sight again and squeals "MAMA!" running to my arms. Like when I leave the room when she is happily watching Veggie Tales and she glances up, smiles sweetly and says "bye, bye Mama." Or even yesterday, watching her exert her will (and break my heart) after having to come inside after hours of play as she sobbed "nononononononono! Mama." That simple name holds such delight to me. It is truly incredible when your baby puts the noblest name, of all that have gone before you, to your face. It changes everything.


Anonymous said...

OH, your talkative little girl! How fun, and what a wonderful Mama you are!

I can't wait for Isaac to talk and to say Mama, but I think we still have a month or two . . .

I still can't believe you looked so darn GOOD after Abby Kate was born -- you were wearing EARRINGS for goodness sake!


Stephanie said...

You are so funny! That seems like a lifetime ago doesn't it! He will be saying it in no time and say bye bye to your heart every time he says it. I miss you all! I need to see new pics!