Monday, August 13, 2007

New, New, New!



I am a the core. I have been since college. I love home. The feel, the safety, the comfort. At times, I find being married to a builder a challenge to my contentment but most often, I am just grateful. We just got home from vacation, B's flooring guys cut us a great deal on hardwood floors and while we were gone, they were installed, distressed, stained and sealed. I returned to a extremely dusty house but a beautiful change. Our carpet had little juice spots from AK's sippy and the dogs love to track in dirt and Lord knows what else. I was vacuuming once a day and was getting tired of it never feeling clean. I just adore the look and feel of the new floors. The look aged yet elegant. Just the way I want my home to feel.
I got the rug at an amazing deal at the Marshall's Megastore in Osage Beach (where we vacationed), seriously, a forth of the cost I thought I would pay. I was all set to wait until Christmas or so but love that we got it early and feel it finishes the room.
As I love to pass on my housekeeping tips, and again, this is a disclaimer that I am NOT a champion house cleaner....I PROMISE. I just love reading others tips on how to get clean little time. I bought the swiffer dusters (look like the old dust puffs) and dusted all my blinds and ceiling fans and they are WONDERFUL!
I also got a great new blog passed on to me so I am passing it to you. If you love decorating and unique fun things to do with your home, this is a great site. She has a store in KC was you will see called Curious Sofa.
Okay, I would love some fun posts! I feel like I have been out of the loop a while!


Sarah said...

Steph! We just did the same thing to our house and like you, I just feel like everything is so much more clean!!!! Our carpet wasn't very old either but just so stained already. Don't you feel like you live in a new house now?! I love your new rug too. If you see any other good deals on rugs, give me a call!

Katie said...

Your floor looks beautiful! Since you are into quick cleaning, you should check out She's great!

Anonymous said...

I love them! Way to go. Who did you use? One day I want to do my livingroom. I need to wait until our last baby learns to walk. Carrie. Oh FYI - I deleted my blog for now. Go read Beth Moore's blog today. Love it!

Katie said...

I'm sorry...I told you wrong. It is! Not .com.