Thursday, January 18, 2007


Okay....this may be the strangest post yet but let me explain...I ADORE the smell of a clean house. Perhaps more than just about anything. More than cut grass, rain, or a meal (maybe not more than a clean baby or baking bread) but I do love it. The smell of pledge, mop and glow, clorox, fabric softener, hmmm.....heaven. I know I am weird but I do love it. Thus explaining one of my favorite questions to friends....what products to you use and LOVE? Not all of these are cleaning products but I also love a good deal so thought I would share them as well....Please post your favorites.... (Oh and by the way, I am not trying to pull a Jared from desire to be their spokeswoman, just love their products :))
The first is the new Clorox Anywhere spray....why was this just discovered? It is wonderful! If you have children, it is a must have. You can spray down anything and it is safe for children and pets....AND it kills 99.9% of bacteria!

Next is the Caldrea countertop spray. A bit pricey($7) but OH so worth it. As for it in your stocking or for a makes your WHOLE house smell clean and so good. I love the white tea scent.

Next is the best new bedding! I have a weakness for bedding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I just bought this from Pottery Barn with my Christmas money. It is the Greta pattern. Is SO beautiful, great material (doesn't show wrinkles). Looks crisp and very french country. It is on massive sale (I even bought the shams on ebay for half the sale price) and looks wonderful.

Next is my new favorite lotion. It is Aveeno Creamy Moisterizing Oil. It is not greasy AT ALL and is tackling my dry skin like a pro. Also smells great (very clean:))

Finally is my new favorite baby lotion. It is Johnsons Nourishing Milk Lotion. It smells SOOOOOO good and really hydrates AK's skin.

So there you have it. I have a million others and may post more at some point but thought this might be fun!


HarrimanFamily said...

Even though I absolutely loved your black and white toile, I have to say that I really fancy your new bedding. It is so cute! Steph, I wish you could give me some of your love for cleaning. Nathan probably wishes you could too :)

Katie M said...

So, I took your advice and picked up some of the Clorox anywhere spray. And you were's great! I'm taking every opportunity I can to spray things that need to be fun! Thanks for the recommendation. Love ya!

Mandy Beth said...

Steph - I've got to get the Caldrea spray - looks awesome...anything to make cleaning the home enjoyable :) I, too, love great smells. Love your bedding, too, and what a great deal - good job!

Stephanie said...

Thanks friends! I LOVE these things....